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Evapotranspiration: What It Is and How It Is Helpful

Autor: Bruce Smith | Ultima atualização: 06/08/2017 | Comentários: 1

evapotranspiration: what it is and how it is helpful

Have you ever heard someone mention "ET" and wondered what it meant? Assuming the person wasn’t talking about extra-terrestrials or Entertainment Tonight, the conversation was probably about evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration (or "ET") is the water lost through plant transpiration and soil and plant evaporation. The images... Leia mais

How Much Power Does Your Data Acquisition System Need?

Autor: Janet Albers | Ultima atualização: 05/04/2017 | Comentários: 0

how much power does your data acquisition system need?

Are you wondering what size battery and solar panel you need to run all of the devices in your data acquisition system? How will you know if your power supply can keep pace with your needs? To get these answers, you will need to estimate the... Leia mais

What Are CDMs Anyway?

Autor: Carolyn Ivans | Ultima atualização: 04/13/2017 | Comentários: 0

what are cdms anyway?

If you are a Campbell Scientific customer, you may have heard of SDMs and multiplexers. But recently we added a new family of peripherals, called CDMs, to our product line. So, what are CDMs? How can they help you with your measurement needs? How do... Leia mais

Sharing Your Monitored Data via Social Media

Autor: Barbra Utley | Ultima atualização: 10/28/2016 | Comentários: 0

sharing your monitored data via social media

Whether you measure and monitor conditions for flooding, road weather, aviation, fire, or avalanches, your data is important to you and those with whom you share it. Oftentimes, sharing your data quickly is critical, as conditions may change rapidly and require prompt action. In this... Leia mais

The Many Possibilities of PakBus Networking

Autor: Jacob Davis | Ultima atualização: 10/12/2016 | Comentários: 2

the many possibilities of pakbus networking

What do you do if you have two dataloggers installed really close to each other and you only want to pay the bill for running one cellular modem? How do you get data from both dataloggers using a single modem? How do you get your... Leia mais

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Doing Our “Thing” Since Y2K

Autor: Dana Worley | Ultima atualização: 09/28/2016 | Comentários: 0

the internet of things (iot) – doing our “thing” since y2k

We all remember the year 2000 as the year that The World As We Know It would come to an end. Computer systems were predicted to come crashing down on January 1, leaving in their wake failing infrastructure that would affect millions of lives. In... Leia mais

How to Know when Your Datalogger Memory Is Getting Full

Autor: Janet Albers | Ultima atualização: 09/15/2016 | Comentários: 2

how to know when your datalogger memory is getting full

It’s common for our customers to wonder when their datalogger memory is going to be full, what will happen to their data when the memory is full, and what they should do about it. After all, your data is specific to your application and not... Leia mais

How to Access Your Measurement Data Using DNP3

Autor: Paul Smart | Ultima atualização: 09/02/2016 | Comentários: 0

how to access your measurement data using dnp3

Turning your Campbell Scientific datalogger into a DNP3 outstation is a great way to allow systems that use the DNP3 protocol to have access to your live measurement data, as well as historical data. When you use your datalogger as a DNP3 outstation, the datalogger is... Leia mais

LoggerNet Admin at Your Service for Mission-Critical Applications

Autor: Dana Worley | Ultima atualização: 08/05/2016 | Comentários: 0

loggernet admin at your service for mission-critical applications

While many of our customers are knowledgeable about our LoggerNet datalogger support software, not as many are familiar with LoggerNet Admin and the benefits it can offer. In this article, I’ll introduce you to LoggerNet Admin, show you how easy it is to install it as... Leia mais

Line of Sight: More than Meets the Eye

Autor: Travis McKissack | Ultima atualização: 07/21/2016 | Comentários: 0

line of sight: more than meets the eye

When it comes to designing an RF (radio frequency) telemetry link, many people know that you need to ensure that there is an unobstructed line-of-sight (LOS) between the transmitting and receiving antennas. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that there is more to this seemingly obvious... Leia mais

How to Find the Best Soil Water Content Sensor for Your Application

Autor: Jason Ritter | Ultima atualização: 07/06/2016 | Comentários: 2

how to find the best soil water content sensor for your application

Because there are many different types of soil water content sensors available, choosing the best one for your application may seem difficult or even confusing. To help you make your selection, it’s important to understand what soil water content sensors actually measure, what makes a... Leia mais

How to Store Datalogger Data to a Memory Card

Autor: Carolyn Ivans | Ultima atualização: 06/22/2016 | Comentários: 3

how to store datalogger data to a memory card

You may have identified the need to add external data storage to your datalogger with flash-memory cards. But do you know which CRBasic instruction to use to do it? In this article, I’ll help you choose the most suitable instruction for your application. In a future... Leia mais

The Best Way to Edit Input Locations in Edlog Programs

Autor: Janet Albers | Ultima atualização: 06/08/2016 | Comentários: 0

the best way to edit input locations in edlog programs

If you have one of our retired dataloggers that uses the Edlog programming language, do you know the best way to change an Input Location name? It’s possible that you may want to use a different name or insert a name where one is missing... Leia mais

Pick a Memory Card, but Not Just Any Memory Card

Autor: Carolyn Ivans | Ultima atualização: 06/01/2016 | Comentários: 0

pick a memory card, but not just any memory card

You may already know that you can add external data storage to your datalogger with flash-memory cards. But do you know what kind of card you need—or if you even need one? In this article, I’ll answer these and other memory card questions. In a... Leia mais

6 Tips to Protect Your Weather Station from Birds

Autor: Robin Deissinger | Ultima atualização: 05/25/2016 | Comentários: 0

6 tips to protect your weather station from birds

You’ve got your weather station set up and running, your data is coming across just fine, and then a bird decides your station is a wonderful place to make a home. That’s great for the bird, but not so great for the performance of your... Leia mais

Get to Know Your Datalogger’s Spare Tire: The Lithium Battery

Autor: Jacob Davis | Ultima atualização: 05/18/2016 | Comentários: 0

get to know your datalogger’s spare tire: the lithium battery

When was the last time you checked the air pressure on your automobile’s spare tire? What if you were driving along, got a flat tire, and discovered that your spare tire was flat as well? We don’t often think about our spare tire until we... Leia mais

Why Measurements on the Edge Require Careful Planning

Autor: Shaun Dustin | Ultima atualização: 05/11/2016 | Comentários: 1

why measurements on the edge require careful planning

I have worked with Boy Scouts for the past 18 years. When I need to talk to boys about taking risks, I share a story about three young men who were competing for a job to deliver goods over a mountain pass with hairpin turns... Leia mais

Handling New Device Drivers in a Changing Windows World

Autor: Dana Worley | Ultima atualização: 04/27/2016 | Comentários: 0

handling new device drivers in a changing windows world

We've all been there. You open the box for some new toy such as a camera, printer, or even a datalogger, and before you can get started, you are required to install a device driver. The device driver loads files onto your computer so that... Leia mais

How to Select the Correct Pulse Type for Your Measurements

Autor: Jacob Davis | Ultima atualização: 04/21/2016 | Comentários: 0

how to select the correct pulse type for your measurements

Have you ever had a sensor work on a P (pulse) datalogger terminal, but not on a C (control) terminal? Is the list of choices for the PConfig parameter in the PulseCount() instruction daunting? Campbell Scientific dataloggers offer several options for measuring pulse signals. Our Short Cut Program Generator will... Leia mais

How to Navigate the World of Software Upgrades, Patches, and Trials

Autor: Dana Worley | Ultima atualização: 04/13/2016 | Comentários: 0

how to navigate the world of software upgrades, patches, and trials

You may find it a little confusing to differentiate between software upgrades and patches. For example, when do you need which one? When is there a fee for a software release, and when is a release free of charge? With the recent release of the new... Leia mais