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CR3107Cell 220 Fail Connection with a Sonde Seasbird SB37 RS232 Port. Cris1224 0
CR10x + SC932A + RF451 scorpii_xyz 1
Data table column with time in seconds since 1970 or before 3LPs 4
How keep data table JhnRqlm 0
Measure levels logic in CR800 kokihualpa 3
mV/V on cr1000X with excitation needs of 5 to 12V AEZatNHc 0
Solar radiation data (15 min int.) Nichol 10
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AT commands modem on CR300 Benjamin.vial 3
MODBUS with Handshake Monte 1
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KonectGDS MatiasFernandez1422 0
DS18B20 one-wire sensor raichlebw 4
No able to read IR120 sensors after having change a CR1000 program Otemohu 1