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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
CR310 limited to 1 table? Steve 2
checkport (8) at start in CR310 Steve 3
SDI-12 addressing. m.calispa 4
set clock via terminal emulator smile 0
Excessive data usage MAWF 2
FTP Connection kevinclily 1
is there a template program for a CR800 with an ISCO 6712 and Sontek IQ and rain gauge? looking to do stormwater monitoring. Robert Sheridan 7
Parkbus Data Consolidation Via WiFi kevinclily 3
Modbus RTU Master and Modbus RTU Slave in the same port CarlosM 0
CR100x sending multiple SDI-12 command prompts CRC 1
The CDM-VW305 does not respond after sent the new program on CR6 cyril 1
CR1000 unable to communicate brbdogsonfire 3
CR1000X I2C Communication? Not even showing up in CRBasic Editor Waq 4
RTMC Pro expression windgust direction Makada 3
Call a sub when program is sent to logger jarlu 1
CS-GPS Clock Synchronization with CR1000 trashbk 6
Creating files when external command is activated Otemohu 1
Sending email from CR800 Matevz 4
CH200 - 12V Charging Regulator, controlling power on output 12V terminals cyril 0
Router reset at midnight from CR1000 control. cellectronic 5
is it possible to connect cr6 via usb cable directly to remote router usb port ? mortenx 2
CS460 RS485 Example Program JDavis 0
Receiving SMS via Maxon Intelimax MA-2060 BruceJ 1
PHS8-P Modem and CR800 Italo 0
Stability Class "NAN" output jarlu 1
writing program MJMagaji 1
GPS NMEA Handling Query ocrory 2
delay question mortenx 1
Cr1000 I2C SPI Communication 9DOF Maloya 12
Expand CR1000X Control ports anbo 5