HygroVUE10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

The HygroVUE™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring... Saiba Mais

SP230-L Heated Pyranometer

The SP230-L pyranometer, manufactured by Apogee, includes a 0.18 W internal heater and an elevated base that allow it to provide solar radiation measurements during the most severe weather. Its small heater draws just 15 mA of current, allowing it to be powered by a small solar panel and battery─even on days with a short duration of daylight and at high latitudes (far away from the equator). Note: In the... Saiba Mais

Konect GDS Konect Global Data Services

Our Konect Global Data Services is a cloud-based application that automatically collects the data from your Campbell Scientific data logger, stores it securely in a database, and provides a variety of data display components so you can view the data that is important for making decisions in your day-to-day work. Konect's flexible design layout offers a dashboard view for a powerful representation of your data—whether you... Saiba Mais

CM255LS Adjustable-Angle Solar Sensor Mounting Stand with Leveling Screws

The process of securely mounting and accurately leveling a pyranometer to a mounting bracket has traditionally been very difficult. The balance between tightly securing the sensor to the mounting bracket while perfectly leveling the sensor requires great time, skill, and fortitude. Without a secure fit, the sensor’s position will shift, and the sensor’s level will potentially be lost. The process is made even more difficult... Saiba Mais

CRVW3 3-Channel Vibrating-Wire Datalogger

The CRVW3 is a self-contained, low-cost, 3-channel VSPECT™ vibrating-wire datalogger. It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. Arriving field-ready from the factory with power, communications, and an enclosure, the CRVW3 is built for your monitoring needs. Saiba Mais

CS125 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor

The CS125 is an infrared forward-scatter visibility and present weather sensor for stand-alone use or with automatic weather stations including those for road, marine, and airport applications. The CS125 has an attached 5 m (16.4 ft) cable and DB9 connector.  Saiba Mais

31182 27 dBi GPS Antenna with 3 V Magnetic Mount and SMA Connector

The 31182 is a magnetic mount GPS patch antenna. It is typically used where GPS reception is readily available and concern is low for snow buildup completely covering the antenna. The 31182 is also commonly used in cost-sensitive applications or applications that require a small-sized, low-profile antenna. This antenna connects to a GPS receiver with SMA connector, such as that found in the AL200, LS300G,... Saiba Mais

CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR6 measurement and control datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. We combined the best features of all our dataloggers and added faster communication, low power requirements, built in USB, compact size, and improved analog input accuracy and resolution. The CR6 also introduces our new universal (U) terminal, an ingenious way to allow virtually any sensor—analog, digital, or smart—to be connected... Saiba Mais

PS150 12 V Power Supply with Charging Regulator and 7 Ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery

The PS150 is a 12 Vdc power supply that includes a rechargeable 7 Ah valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery and charging regulator. Charging power for the PS150 is typically supplied by an unregulated solar panel, AC/AC transformer, or AC/DC converter. The PS150 provides charging with temperature compensation for optimal charging and battery life. A maximum power point tracking algorithm is incorporated for solar inputs to maximize available solar... Saiba Mais

CH150 12 V Charging Regulator

The CH150 is a charging regulator for an external rechargeable 12 V VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) battery, such as the BP12 or BP24 offered by Campbell Scientific. Charging power for the CH150 is typically supplied by an unregulated solar panel, AC/AC transformer, or AC/DC converter. The CH150 provides charging with temperature compensation for optimal charging and battery life. A maximum power point tracking algorithm is incorporated for... Saiba Mais

TGA200A Trace Gas Analyzer

The TGA200A Trace Gas Analyzer measures trace gas concentrations in an air sample using tunable-diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). This technique provides high sensitivity, speed, and selectivity. Its simple design allows it to measure one of many gases by choosing an appropriate laser source. The TGA200A features a 1.5 m single-pass optical measurement system that uses a thermoelectrically cooled laser.  The TGA200A is housed in a rugged environmental... Saiba Mais

PVS5120D Discrete Portable Automatic Liquid Sampler

The PVS5120D is a discrete sampler that deposits its water samples into 1 to 24 containers. This sampler uses a vacuum sampler controller, the VSC100, to allow a Modbus RTU master, SDI-12 master device, simple pulse input, or Campbell Scientific PakBus data logger to control and communicate with the water sampler. This sampler is lightweight, portable, and battery-powered. It can fit in a small-sized manhole and be suspended... Saiba Mais

31128 8 dBd Yagi Wideband Antenna with Mounting Hardware

The 31128 is a wideband Yagi directional antenna. It is uniquely suited for cellular applications because of its ability to provide gain across all of the cellular frequency bands. The antenna has a Type N Female connector and includes the mounting hardware. Saiba Mais

CS120A Atmospheric Visibility Sensor

The CS120A uses tried-and-tested, infrared forward-scatter technology, and it uses the proven 42° scatter angle to report meteorological observable range (MOR) for fog and snow in the range of 5 to 75,000 m (16.4 to 246,063 ft). It combines a high specification with a very competitive price. The CS120A is ideal for stand-alone applications or in combination with automatic weather stations in road, aviation, solar-energy, and wind-energy environments. For aviation... Saiba Mais