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Saiba Mais Systems for monitoring particulates, gases, and odors

Saiba Mais Weather stations and monitoring systems for climate and boundary-layer meteorology

Saiba Mais Systems for performing environmental research

Saiba Mais Systems for evapotranspiration, plant growth and development, and disease modeling

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Southern Africa: Empowering Conservation and Water Security
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Zimbabwe: Enhancing Climate Resilience
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Croatia: Modernization of a Countrywide Weather Observation Network
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The Kingdom of eSwatini: Strengthening Early Warning Systems and Climate Services
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Alaska: Mini-RWIS Pilot Project
In 2019, Campbell Scientific entered a public/private partnership project with the Alaska Department of Transportation......Leia mais
Austria: Vehicle Proving Ground for Automated Driving
Overview DigiTrans GmbH has developed a vehicle test track where they can produce controlled rain events,......Leia mais
South Africa: Sustainable Solutions for Farms
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