Whether your flood-warning system uses ALERT or ALERT2 protocol, and whether or not you need a datalogger, Campbell Scientific will have a system for you. The new ALERT100, ALERT110, ALERT200, and ALERT210 systems combine our rugged, proven hardware with the ALERT or ALERT2 protocol to allow municipalities to reliably warn of flooding dangers and keep people safe.

These flood-warning systems are contained in a canister that easily fits into a standpipe. The canister houses a 12 or 24 Ah battery and our AL200 encoder, which is configured for ALERT (ALERT100, ALERT110) or ALERT2 (ALERT200, ALERT210) communications. The ALERT110 and ALERT210 also include a CR800 datalogger, allowing those systems to be fully programmable.

The new systems can measure a variety of sensors. They have circular connectors on the canister’s lid for sensor attachment, and two individual cable entry seals for routing sensor or communication cables. Data is transmitted over a licensed radio using the ALERT or ALERT2 protocol.

Campbell Scientific’s modular line of communications and sensor products allows the new systems to be adapted for custom applications. They can be drop-in replacements for existing stations or turn-key solutions for new installations.

The ALERT100, ALERT110, ALERT200, and ALERT210 will be available soon. Their versatility and ruggedness will make them ideal solutions for many real-time flood-warning applications.