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Corrects an issue where the WiFi module stopped responding to broadcast packets from the access point (for example,... aprender mais

CELL2xx Operating System 2.0 (717 KB) 23-05-2019

To update the CELL200 series operating system: Connect a USB cable between your module and computer. Open a... aprender mais

A software utility used to download operating systems and set up Campbell Scientific hardware. Also will update PakBus... aprender mais

CR6 OS 9.02 (6.87 MB) 22-04-2019

This download is for the CR6 datalogger. Execution of this download places the Operating System file(.obj) on your computer.... aprender mais

LNDB Trial 2.0 (45.7 MB) 01-04-2019

A fully functional 30 day trial version of LNDB (LoggerNet DataBase) software. Note: This application requires the Microsoft .Net... aprender mais

EasyFlux DL for CR6CP 1.02 (105 KB) 26-03-2019

CR6 datalogger program for Campbell closed-path eddy-covariance systems. Note: This version corrects the compile error that the previous version had... aprender mais

Power Budget Spreadsheet 1.03 (1.00 MB) 12-03-2019

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to estimate a power budget for Campbell Scientific systems. aprender mais

AL200 ALERT & ALERT2 OS 33 (609 KB) 11-02-2019

Current AL200 operating system for ALERT and ALERT2. Requires the Device Configuration Utility to update the operating system... aprender mais

AP200 CR1000 Program 2. (15.6 KB) 30-01-2019

AP200 CR1000 Program. Compatible with the LI-850. Note: For those with the LI-840 contact Campbell Scientific for compatible code. aprender mais

Short Cut 4.1 (25.5 MB) 29-01-2019

Short Cut creates simple programs for our CR200-series, CR300-series, CR510, CR500, CR10(X), 21X, CR23X, CR6, CR800, CR1000(X), CR3000,... aprender mais