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Control of the CR1000X with Node-RED / Sending external commands to the CR1000X

Tecusan Jul 16, 2019 07:15 AM

I would like to control the CR1000X through Node-RED programming tool - the specific action that I want to do is to close/open relays (the C ports of the CR1000X). Any help on external controlling of the data logger will be higly appreciated. 


JDavis Jul 16, 2019 03:38 PM

You should create Public variables that control the state of the ports with PortSet instructions.

I am not familiar with Node-RED. The brief description I read makes me believe easiest integration would be using the Web API of the CR1000X. Here is the documentation:

Link to CRBasic Help

Tecusan Jul 22, 2019 02:04 AM

Thank you very much!

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