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Time related questions

Makada Jan 2, 2019 01:59 PM


First question:

In the output format theres an option "Midnight is 2400".

Is this to have the instruction "if iftime(0,1440,Min) Then x=0" to work correct?

So i dont need to set the instruction "if iftime(1439,1440,Min)"  to store the data before the table is reset?

Second question:

Will this also solve the daily timestamp date, so the timestamp is from the day the data is from?

Third question

When i use the max or min instruction in CRBasic, example:  "Maximum(1,TdC, FP2, False, True)", the time of max is stored: "TdC_TMx".

But when i use the following insruction in RTMC Pro to get the time of max from the day: "StartRelativeToNewest(nSecPerDay, Ordercollected);Timestamp(MaxRunOverTime("Database:CR1000_TableOneMin.MaxTdC",Timestamp("Database:CR1000_TableOneMin.MaxTdC"),nSecPerDay)), i get the timestamp instead of the "TdC_TMx" value.

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