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RF407 stand alone repeater limits

Norwester Dec 24, 2018 05:01 PM


I was wondering what the practical limits are on a RF407 radio used as a stand alonerepeater? Initially it was setup in a com tower and only had 4 stations to relay to our server, now the number of stations has grown to 43 and communications have grinded to a halt. I can see most of my stations in pakbus graph but when it comes time to poll them there is a huge delay, if I can even get data anymore.  I have lowered the verify and beacon interval to 2 hours and 1 hour respectively. I've also lowered the retry levels to low (I read having everything set to high in a dense network can cause large latencies).  I have also set neighbour lists on all the sites so communications can follow a constant path.

I was thinking maybe a standalone RF407 only has so much memory, so maybe they max out with a certian number of pakbus addresses to remember in one network? 


JDavis Dec 27, 2018 01:00 PM

The maximum Pakbus nodes is 50 in the network. The radios themselves also have a maximum of 50. 

You can look in LogTool within Loggernet to see the communication traffic on the network. That can give you an idea about what is bogging down the network.

The dataloggers have a setting on them for maximum packet size. Reducing that to 250 often helps in radio networks. The setting is on each datalogger.

Norwester Dec 29, 2018 08:38 AM

Thanks for the reply JDavis,

I'll go around and change the packet size in the next few days.  I believe we already lowered it to 500 a few months ago.

Would AVW200's that are connected to (wired to) loggers (Cr1000s & CR310s) be included in the packbus node count?  We have a few in our system all using their default pb address of 200.

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